Monday, 31 March 2014

There is an argument that continues all around the world about what constitutes a 'pWoper' DJ. I have my own opinions which will obviously differ to everyone else's no doubt. My personal situation does not allow me to add to my vinyl collection anymore. With lack of space a major problem and not having bought into CDJ's I turned my focus to the lite version of Traktor. Finding out with free tracks from sites such as soundcloud opened my eyes up to the possibilities on offer.

The chance to beef up tired old vinyl tracks and give them a new slant was very appealing and as a result I turned to Traktor 2 Pro which has now been updated to 2.5. I personally like to progress through mixes with as long as feasible crossovers - this in itself would have other DJ's snorting contempt at the very notion. I have never been a turntablist, juggler or scratch pervert. I can repeat loop two copies of the same vinyl and play around with some phasing for you, but I get my enjoyment from moving forwards in a certain, meandering way.

Hey, I'm the stick in the mud, right? Well, I am progressing along nicely in years myself..

ONLY one thing annoys me with DJ's over the years, and when I say years I mean a good couple of decades of bar hopping, lounge lizarding and main room clubbing - that is the rehearsed mix.  You know the one I mean, its a polished one practiced over and over again, whether on vinyl or CD/Digital, with no room for variation as the DJ has backed their set down a dark alley of no creation.

ONLY one thing is on my mind when I gig or record a mix.  Start here.